Custom websites designed for your marketing campaigns. These websites might be small in content size, but they’re big in creative design. These projects offer a faster turn around and more creative freedom than a full marketing website. Push the limits and create something sensational without touching your corporate brand site. Learn more about how Digimix can help you design and develop your next campaign website.


Website Copywritting

We write sales copy that convert and blogs that engage.

Writers, journalists, and bloggers writing relevant, useful and engaging content tailored for the channels, form-factors, and audiences.


Custom Website Photography

Custom on-site and studio photography for your website.

Creative, event, and product photographers produce stunning imagery that creates a visual language helping brands communicate and connect with their audience. For a full portfolio visit Camera 1, our partner corporate photography studio in NYC.


Stock Photo Curation

Beautiful collections of professional stock photos curated for your brand.

Creative talent at Digimix will collaborate with your team to curate a unique collection of stock photography that reflects your brand. From the following demographic diversity requirements to brand color guidelines, we understand how to curate a collection of photography that resonates with your audience and investors. We’ll work with you to understand the vision … Continued


Landing Page Template Designs

We’re the ones that let marketing teams create landing pages faster by dragging and dropping stunning designs into landing pages. Dream it, write it, ship it.


Reusable Content Layouts

Stunning layout designs ready for your content.

Digimix’s world-class design team has crafted a collection of the most effective WordPress content layouts for user engagement. Leverage our experience to propel your project forward by building on tried and true design principles.


Website Design Refresh

Give your website a fresh look and feel.

You’re content strategy works, but your website looks and feels a little out of date. Give your website a design refresh. In a website design refresh, Digimix takes the content from your existing website and uses it to make a new design, with an updated look and feel. Many of our clients do website design … Continued


Responsive Mobile Design

Stunning responsive designs for every device.

We code our stunning designs into a high-performance responsive website accessible from any device. Optimized to load quickly on mobile devices and offer a deeper interactive experience on desktop browsers.


Downloadable Content for Campaign Sites

Checklists, reports, guides, and everything else people feel compelled to download for free online. Give it away in exchange for an email signup and start building long-term relationships with meaningful email conversations at scale.


Grow Your Email List

With customizable forms that connect to all major email marketing platforms, Digimix makes it effortless to grow your email subscriber list from your campaign website.


All of Your Important Content Organized in One Place

Stop forcing your audience to fumble through Facebook pages and Instagram posts to figure out the details. With a Digimix WordPress Campaign site, we’ll help you organize all of your important content, so it’s easily accessible for your audience.


Connect with Your Community

With customizable forms, events calendars, community photo submissions, spam-free commenting, and 750+ app integration, you’ll get all of the tools you need for your audience to engage with your brand. You’ll be able to let your audience RSVP to events or sell them tickets, download events to their calendars or subscribe to your calendar, submit … Continued

Branded Content Marketing hub web design shown on iPad
Case Studies

Curating a Content Hub for an Instafamous Fitness Brand

The PERFORMIX marketing team had strong momentum on social media, touting a high profile roster of celebrity athletes and trainers. Their compelling content was seeing solid audience engagement, but it was limited to its original channels like Instagram or Performix Articles give the Insta-famous athletes a branded publishing platform with cross channel reach. The athletes … Continued

Gotham Green Web Design shown on an Apple Macbook Pro
Case Studies

Ultra Modern Minimalist Design Before a Big Wall Street IPO

Gotham Green Partners was gearing up its Wall Street IPO and needed solid web presence in a short timeframe. They were looking for a strong brand statement, with just their essential contact information. Since the fund is private, they don’t have a seem needs for digital marketing that most businesses do. A campaign site was … Continued

Case Studies

Creating an Special Event Website for NYC’s Lower East Side

Pickle Day is a festival in New York City’s Lower East Side where hundreds of thousands of people gather to partake in pickle tastings, games, music, and festivities. Digimix worked with the Lower East Side Business Improvement District to design and develop a fun, mobile forward website for the big event. As an original .NYC … Continued