Technology, design, and project management experts turn marketing plans and product visions into integrated, actionable digital strategies. The multidisciplinary Digimix team is highly collaborative, creating new opportunities for brands to engage their audience.

Be a voice in your market
Reach, inspire and grow your audience by following the Digimix content marketing workflow. A formula for successful branded content campaigns.


WordPress CMS Training

Learn how to use WordPress like a pro.

Get hands-on instruction about the ins and outs of the WordPress dashboard. Boost your productivity by learning a personalized WordPress content publishing workflow. Digimix will teach you and your team everything you’ll need to use your WordPress Content Management System (CMS) like a pro. We offer live video training for groups and individuals, plus video … Continued


WordPress Consulting

WordPress experts ready to collaborate with your marketing team.

How do we help? We help marketing teams boost engagement and scale their reach by improving publishing workflows, content management, and cross-channel integrations. We’re the ones that let teams create faster by dragging and dropping ideas into blog posts.



We respect that each client and project is unique. That’s why we lead each project by gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ goals, business, and target audience. We will collaborate with you to learn everything about your project and get it started on the right path.


Project Planning & Innovation

Know your audience. Create a new set up options. Deliver the solutions. We help guide our clients from strategic initiative to finished product.


Search Engine Strategy

We provide keyword targeting recommendations based on user intent, competitive presence, search volume, and content availability. By using the best search analytics and monitoring tool, we continue to make content recommendations based on consumer search trends, continuing to improve discoverability drive audience growth.


Content Strategy

Planning content that will convert.

Digimix will guide you through the process of developing a successful content strategy for your marketing website based on your goals, audience, and where your visitors are coming from. Here’s a quick outline of our content strategy planning process. Define your Goals. Research your audience. Focus in on your niche. Structure your information architecture. Integrate … Continued

WordPress web design for Reis | Moody's Analytics shown on multiple screens
Case Studies

Skyrocketing Conversion Rate for Reis | Moody’s Analytics

Situation Reis (NasdaqGS, REIS) is the leading commercial real estate data source in the nation, providing an advantage to any firm that has debt or equity exposure across capital markets. Reis delivers sophisticated real estate market research solutions that streamline deal flow for enhanced efficiencies of the commercial real estate industry. Their website is the … Continued

Case Studies

Noticeable Increase in Qualified Leads

Reis’s sales team anecdotally reported a noticeable improvement in the number of qualified leads from the Digimix WordPress site, which can be attributed to improvements made to AdWords campaigns, SEO, and content strategy.

Fitness supplement website designs show in a creative perspective
Case Studies

Merging E-commerce, Content and Community

Digimix recognized the opportunity to transform the standard online store into a truly personalized shopping experience. The Performix Product Recommendation Engine helps users build a fitness profile and gives them product bundles optimized for health conditions and training goals. The personalized shopping experience helps customers to see better results from the products and develops stronger a sense of connection with … Continued