Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) are the best way to easily get more customers with online advertising. By combining our core disciplines of digital strategy and creative design, Google Ads campaigns managed by Digimix consistently generate a strong ROI for our clients. Learn more about how Digimix can help get more customers for your business using Google Ads.

digimix hyper local geo-targeting strategy for adwords

AdWords Hyper Local Geo-targeting

Traditional Geo-targeting reaches people within a general linear radius from the business location. Missing other potential prospects, and reaching many non-qualified prospects. Digimix’s Hyper-Local Geo-targeting strategy reaches people within pre-qualified micro-regions. Maximizing engagement, conversions, and ROI. Ad messaging is customized for the micro-regions. Digimix will target highly detailed local areas based on the quantitative and … Continued

Case Studies

$12 Million in Sales in 90 Days

Reis | Moody’s Analytics reported roughly $12 million in sales for Q3 2018, up from the previous quarter, during the same time-frame in which Digimix assumed management of Google Ads (AdWords), organic search marketing (SEO), and content creation, in parallel with launching the new website. Digital marketing consulting with powerful results.