We’ll fully integrate Salesforce into your website, CMS, analytics, and marketing workflow. The bottom line, see which marketing activities actually resulted in sales closed/won. Was it that high-spend keyword group in Google AdWords? Or was it those long-tail SEO search terms? You’ll finally be able to see where your sales are coming from. We’ll also automate your logging your leads from contact forms on your website, syncing that conversion data between Google Analytics and AdWords, and using all of this to maximize the ROI on your marketing budget.

  • Salesforce Integration Setup the Right Way for Your Project

    When we integrate Salesforce we setup up the integration specifically for the type of project, based on its goals and business requirements.

  • Automate your digital marketing workflow with Salesforce

    Our team has all of the skills you need to develop sales and marketing automation with your website and Salesforce.


Salesforce CRM Integration for WordPress

Powerful data integrations connecting WordPress and SalesForce.

Connect your lead capture forms directly to your Salesforce.com, Salesforce Cloud, or Salesforce SFDC instance. Automatically log new leads in Salesforce and alert your sales team in realtime when prospects submit forms.


Salesforce + WordPress Integration

Automatically sync your data between WordPress and SalesForce.

Automatically send contact form submissions on your WordPress website to your Salesforce account. Eliminate the burden of manually entering leads into SalesForce. View SalesForce stats right from your WordPress dashboard. Customize your form data to sync up with your custom fields in SalesForce SFDC instances. Digimix has experience developing SalesForce API integrations, Pardot integration, and … Continued