When’s the last time you bought something without Googling it first? Regardless of what digital marketing campaigns you are running, you should always have your site set up properly to attract qualified visitors organically through search engines. Digimix has 7+ years of experience successfully operating SEO campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to e-commerce sites for national brands to New York City’s top real estate agencies. We’ve generated millions in new revenue and earned media for our clients. Learn more about how Digimix can accelerate the growth of your business with SEO done right.

Content Creation for SEO Link Building

Link building campaigns require content. There’s no getting around it without spamming bogus articles and comments that may look good on initial reports but will not produce stable results. We do not spam or use any shady tactics to boost page rank. Content can be as simple as a blog post or as advanced as … Continued

On-Page SEO

Digimix uses the Moz Pro On-Page Grader to quickly produce reports showing what needs can be to improve the SEO of a page for a keyword.

Competitive Analysis for SEO

No matter what you do you can count on your competitors to make moves to outperform you. We can offer detailed discovery of what moves your competitors are making and how you can leverage their strategies and tactics to improve your own standing. Market analysis identifying competitors and their SEO strategies Establishing competitive benchmarks and … Continued

Click Through Rate Optimization

Get the most value out of your organic search marketing (SEO). Click Through Rate Optimization is the process of crafting the snippets that appear on Google search results to maximize the number of clicks the page receives organically from search engine users.

Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

The ability to leverage data and change on a dime is one of the best and most overwhelming aspects of Digital Marketing. Knowing how, when, and where to test and then how, when and where to leverage that data to make impactful changes is where we come in. User behavior analysis CRO analysis CRO design … Continued

Search Content Strategy

We provide keyword targeting recommendations based on user intent, competitive presence, search volume and content availability. To maximize site strength, our internal link mapping boosts priority keyword rankings and increases page authority. Through timely and effective indexation, we also make content recommendations based on consumer search trends, ensuring that content has its best chance to … Continued

Search Technology Strategy

Our team evaluates the technical and coding approaches to a digital experience to ensure maximum search efficacy. The result is front-end code and overall site architecture that is optimized for natural search. Page by page analysis of site code for SEO Reports for SEO front-end code improvements Plans for SEO front-end and application level code … Continued

Link Building Campaigns

Good links are the fundamental page rank factor in search engine algorithms. Our campaigns use the latest proven white-hat tactics to increase links to your website. We believe in custom, scalable link-building based on your business, but be warned, we don’t do any link building without content. AI-powered analysis of link acquisition opportunities Human analysis … Continued

Organic Search Marketing Process

Analyze: We review website analytics, keyword trends, and competitive benchmarks to find growth opportunities. Strategize: We design a plan to pursue the newly identified opportunities. Develop: We build the system, write the code and produce the content required to carry out the plan. Implement: We deploy the code updates, run link building systems and syndicate … Continued